Jiang Hao won gold in the WorldSkills Competition
Feb 15,2023

At 0:30 a.m. Nov. 28, Beijing time, WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition came to a close at Salzburg, Austria. Jiang Hao, a contestant from Tieling Technical College of Liaoning Province, won the gold medal of Industrial Control Project with outstanding performance.

WorldSkills Competition is the highest level professional skills competition, known as the “World Skills Olympics”, with its competitive level representing the most advanced of professional skills development today. 7 items of the Special Event was hosted by Austria. A total of 19 countries and regions took part in the industrial control project, which was also the only one that Liaoning Province participated in. In preparing stage, the team worked out the best competition and emergency plans for Jiang Hao, and made intensive training for his weak points.

During the three-day competition, Jiang Hao won the first with the highest score and were highly praised by the judges. He was calm and brave, pursuing the perfection of technology, showing the precision of control, and realizing the perfect combination of automatic control of software and hardware. It is a historic breakthrough for Liaoning Province and even the Northeast China in the WorldSkills Competition. It is also a gold medal for Chinese players after the 44th WorldSkills Competition in this project.



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