Global “supermarket” at my doorstep
Feb 17,2023

In the Exhibition and Experience Center for Imported Consumer Goods of Shenyang Area of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Anna Van, a Russian student from Liaoning University, entered an imported food store and found her way to the Russian products section. She picked up a chocolate bar with a doll’s face on the package and put it in her shopping basket, moving on to her next “target” with satisfaction.

 “This kind of chocolate is a special food of my hometown. I grew up eating it in Russia. I’m surprised to find it in Shenyang, which means I don’t need to shop it online or ask people overseas to buy it for me.” Anna has been living and studying in Shenyang for 15 years. Upon her first arrival, her families would always consign her baggages of her favourite snacks, worrying that she would miss the taste of home in the foreign land. “Now, every time I want to have food from my hometown, I would come here. I can buy imported goods from all over the world at a low price, even lower than those in shopping malls.”

In the Exhibition and Experience Center for Imported Consumer Goods, there are many open counters allowing customers to experience the products freely. From the food section to the cosmetics section to the household products section, Anna Van enjoys the shopping very much. “In the past, I used to buy international cosmetics from friends overseas. It not only cost me high express fees, but also took more than half a month. But now, I can buy genuine branded cosmetics here at an affordable price without waiting. It is really exhilarated to shop in such a global ‘supermarket’!” Anna Van said excitedly.

Centers for imported goods and cross-border storage supermarkets have sprung up in Shenyang, bringing global “supermarket” to the doorstep. As a student majored in International Economics and Trade, Anna Van is deeply aware of this trend. “Recent years, Liaoning’s opening up to the outside world has further accelerated. The continuous upgrading of the land-sea-air-internet integrated network boosts the development of international trade in Liaoning, making it possible for global imported goods to enter Liaoning and households.” Anna Van said, “ ‘Being able to buy global goods’ represents a more open Liaoning. I believe that a more open Liaoning will bring more opportunities and inject more vitality to the world economy.”

 “Buying imported goods has become a part of Liaoning people’s daily life. You will find that the level of consumption and quality of life here in Liaoning have both improved a lot. In Liaoning, I am “buying the world” at my doorstep. Like most Liaoning people, filling up a shopping trolley gives me an overwhelming sense of happiness.” Anna Van beamed with joy.

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