“Iron Lotus on Water”
Feb 22,2023

What will you imagine when you hear the phrase “Iron Lotus on Water”? An elegant lotus lying quietly on the surface of the lake? However, the word “lotus” here refers to a 0.2mm iron piece.

This unique technique is invented by the fitters when they are conducting front-line inspection and maintenance and skill testing, mainly for the processing and production of manual parts. Before, it was known as “hand-cut iron pieces floating on water”. Because the iron piece floating on the surface of the water looks like a blooming lotus, it is then known as “Iron Lotus on Water”.

This technique is shown by Zhang Shuai, a maintenance fitter in Liaoyang Petrochemical Maintenance Company. As a post-90s worker, Zhang Shuai has learned a lot of skills from his teacher during his three years of work.

Zhang Shuai is meticulous in his job. When cutting the iron piece, he will compare and polish repeatedly until he is satisfied. He says, patience and composure are the cores of this technique.

“The density of iron is about 8 times greater than that of water, so we need to cut the iron into thin pieces to make it float on water.” Zhang Shuai says, “Besides, the surfaces need to be very flat and smooth, which is a test for the accuracy and precision of the technique.”

Seeking perfection is the key to success, which is also the attitude and pursuit of the young “Liaoning craftsman” Zhang Shuai.

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