Pyrography with Corn Husks
Feb 22,2023

Corn is the most common crop in our daily life.

Through the deft hands of the craftsmen, disused corn husks can be turned into vivid works!

Zhao Xiaogang, a master craftsman in Chaoyang City, shows us his technique: Pyrography with Corn Husks.

“It often takes one or two days to finish a small piece of pyrography, and takes a longer time to finish a large one. Due to time and space limitations, I mainly show the  process of placing the pieces together.” Zhao Xiaogang told the reporter as he was working.

In fact, making pyrography with corn husks is rather complex. It includes a number of procedures such as bleaching, cutting, colouring, combining and sticking, all of which should be operated by hand.

Sometimes, designers should cooperate with baking technicians to make the pieces orderly organized and overlapped with each other layer by layer,and finally a fascinating corn-husk pyrography is completed.

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