Liaoning’s Voice at Delegates’ Passage
Mar 08,2023

On the afternoon of March 7, Beijing. Sun Dongming, a deputy to the National People’s Congress(NPC)and a member of Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, met the press in the delegates’ passage interview. Surrounded by Chinese and foreign journalists with shutter sounds from their cameras, he depicted China’s independent innovation of chips in S&T sector.

One question raised by a journalist to Sun Dongming was: we are constantly disturbed by overheated batteries and ever-slower functioning of our phones. Since you have long been researching “adjust temperature” of semiconductor chips, how would you help address the problem and equip China’s semiconductor with a sound chip?
“As you mentioned, a lot of people may have the same trouble. Our phones may get hotter and slower when we spend too much time watching videos or playing games,” Sun Dongming stopped for a second and gave the answer.
“That is because the function of semiconductor chips changes with temperature. Temperature control device is needed to bring out the best function. Micro semiconductor temperature control device is a tiny but powerful one that my research team and I have been working on.” Sun Dongming referred to the “temperature adjustment” as equipping the chips with a proper air-conditioner to fit situations with different temperatures, which could create the differences of more than 100℃ between the upper and lower surfaces of the device whose size is even smaller than that of a ten-cent coin.
“With the support of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Liaoning S&T results commercialization policies, our research results were soon commercialized in Shenyang by obtaining shares with intangible assets like patents. Lengxin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. was established. It only took us 3 months to select the site, construct the plant, and put into production. The monthly production capacity of these temperature control devices has surpassed 300,000 pieces so far.” This is only a sprout on the fertile land of innovative Liaoning, and the sprout is growing and flourishing every single day, Sun Dongming said.
“Right now, Liaoning is pushing forward the Three-Year Action Plan for Comprehensive Revitalization and New Breakthroughs in Liaoning (2023-2025). As a NPC deputy from S&T sector, I will take the mission assigned by the country to promote scientific and technological innovation and pass on the spirit of striving for new breakthroughs. I care about our country and take responsibility given by the country. I will make my contribution to achieving great self-reliance and strength in science and technology and building China into a global scientific and technological powerhouse,” Sun Dongming spoke with confidence.
In just 5 minutes, Sun Dongming, with his calm but confident answer, presented journalists from home and abroad the images of diligent Liaoning S&T workers and triggered expectations for Liaoning’s comprehensive revitalization and new breakthroughs.

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