Liaoning Gen Z Takes World Stage With “Mini Automatic Control Program”
May 09,2023

“It is exhausting to prepare for the skills competition. But I love it, and will carry on no matter how hard it is.” In the video report on the exemplary deeds of skillful talents with contributions to the country, Jiang Hao, gold medal winner of the industrial control project in 2022 World Skills Competition, shared his journey to winning the competition and training experience, winning a big round of applause from the audience.

Jiang Hao was born in 2000 in a rural family of Tieling City, Liaoning Province. In 2015, he came to study at Tieling Technician College. In that year, the college was preparing to establish the industrial control project training base for the competition and launched the competition class. With perseverance, Jiang Hao was admitted to the competition class with excellent grades and became the only secondary vocational school student who entered the World Competition class.

“The industrial control project is a complete automatic production line, including procedures from the construction at the very beginning and the perfect automatic operation at last,” Jiang Hao introduced.

In November 2022, Jiang Hao went to Austria with the national team to participate in 2022 World Skills Competition. After three days of fierce competition, Jiang Hao and his team managed to complete missions temporarily assigned to them with limited availability of tools and materials, and overcame other difficulties to finally win the gold medal in the industrial control project.

When speaking of the key to success, Jiang Hao said, “My daily schedule includes the morning run and the professional training, which often starts at 8 a.m. and sometimes lasts until 10 p.m. In between, there is also some psychological and verbal training.” During the competition, the contestants were required to assemble some parts on site, a seemingly simple task, but Jiang Hao and his teammates have trained for hundreds of hours to cultivate their “special skill” for it.

“I am honored to have the industrial control project with me in my youth. Now, I have become a teacher. In the future, I will teach my students all the experience I have accumulated in the competition. I hope they can stand on a broader stage and win more honors in the future.” Jiang Hao said.

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