Ecuador and Shenyang Students Sing “Eternal Friendship”
May 17,2023

“Over the hills, across the ocean. The wind of peace is blowing in all directions, with the power of love in the open mind...” On May 12th, Shenyang Normal University welcomed the Ecuadorian Education Delegation, who came to Shenyang City, Liaoning Province for exchange and study in this early summer. In the multimedia classroom, teachers from School of Music were teaching the delegation the song “Eternal Friendship”, which was played on the large screen.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The School of Music of Shenyang Normal University has composed a song on this theme--“Eternal Friendship”. With strong artistic expression and infectious power, the song is melodic, beautiful and easy to sing. Students from the Affiliated Art School of Shenyang Normal University learned the song together with teachers and students from Ecuador. The pleasant melody floated out of the window and echoed in the sunny campus, which sparked their enthusiasm in learning Chinese language and Chinese songs. During the break, they also exchanged their views in Chinese learning.

“I love this song very much. For me, it is very special. Its beautiful melody and touching lyrics reflect Chinese people’s love for peace, which gives us the strength to unite and create a better future together”, saidAdriana Aviles, an Ecuadorian student. “I am very happy, not only because I come to China, but also because I learn this Chinese song with Chinese counterparts. This experience impresses me a lot. I will continue to enjoy the beauty of cultural exchange here with my heart”, said Lin Fu, an Ecuadorian student.

Moreira Vergara Nelly Fanny, principal of Si Miao Wei Hua International School of Ecuador has long heard of Shenyang as a historic city with a beautiful scenery and honest people, but it is the first time for her to visit Liaoning Province. Fanny also learned this song and told us that this BRI-themed song conveyed love, friendship and a lot of messages, which inspired her a lot.

It is said that more than 20 students from the Ecuadorian Education Delegation will not only learn Chinese language in Shenyang, but also deeply experience traditional Chinese culture, such as intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship and Peking Opera facial makeup, so as to immerse themselves in the rich and profound Chinese culture.

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