The Bird Protector on the Dayu Mountain
Jun 01,2023

For seven years, I have been filming along the wetlands every day, going out early and coming back late. I have often encountered injured birds. It was in the rescue process that I met Nie Yongxin, the head of the Dayu Mountain Wildlife Rescue Station in Huludao City. She goes by “Grass of the Dayu Mountain” on the Internet.

Her tenacity, dedication, selflessness, and devotion have greatly amazed and moved me. Her story, in my opinion, is a modern version of the legendary Yugong’s persistent endeavor that was to remove the mountain blocking his way out.

Many years ago, because of excessive felling and grazing, the Dayu Mountain had been in a barren state and the ecological environment on the mountain had been seriously damaged. Without any hesitation, Nie Yongxin contracted to afforest the barren mountain and restore its vegetation persistently. 26 years have passed since then. Today, the Dayu Mountain, lush and verdant with trees and grass, provides a warm home and cozy resting area for both local resident birds and passing migratory birds. She has saved countless injured birds, every one of which is her concern.

The injured birds have different kinds of injuries, but she can always treat them accurately and feed them carefully. It is a wonder that raptors and birds of prey, such as Eurasian eagle owls, long-eared owls, common kestrels, Eurasian hobbies, and upland buzzards, are tame and obedient whenever they see her. Every time she goes into the cage to carefully observe and feed the injured birds, they seem to be able to perceive her kindness and companionship and never attack her. I have accompanied her many times to release the fully recovered birds back to the flock in the nature. Every time, her eyes, full of reluctance and concern, will follow the direction of the bird’s departure for a long time.

Nie Yongxin has been continuously rescuing birds for 26 years. In the meanwhile, she has also served as the vice president of the Wildlife and Wetland Conservation Association of Huludao City. She has been consecutively awarded many honorary titles, such as 2016-2017 China’s Annual “Green Chinese” Nomination Award, the 2021 Paradise Ranger Award, the provincial-level and municipal-level wildlife protection advanced individuals and so forth. She has also been highly praised and recognized by CWCA (China Wildlife Conservation Association) and well-known ornithologists in China.

Today, the Dayu Mountain has become a nature educational base.

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