Lawson: Settling and Thriving in Shenyang Metropolitan Area
七月 27,2023

At the height of summer, July has a scorching sun. Like an ordinary customer, Takashi Tokita entered a Lawson convenience store in Heping District, Shenyang. He walked and stopped in front of the rows of shelves, looked up and down, and finally bought several bottles of drink. He took out his mobile phone to pay by scanning QR code.

Takashi Tokita is the general agent of the Northeast Region of Lawson(China), a Japanese convenience store franchise chain. He is also the general manager of Lawson(Shenyang)Convenience Co., Ltd. Such unannounced inspection is an important part of his daily work.

Takashi Tokita worked at Lawson Holdings Inc in Japan after graduation. In 2010, he came to China and has successively worked at Lawson’s subsidiaries in Shanghai, Dalian, and Shenyang. This year is his thirteenth year living in China and his fifth year working in Shenyang.

“The company planned to open stores in the Northeast at the beginning of its blueprint for China. Liaoning is an important province in Northeast China. Lawson has also established the most critical logistics hub and self-produced goods factories in Liaoning.” Takashi Tokita talked about the reason why he came to Liaoning for development. He said, “Despite the cold winters here, people in Liaoning are very enthusiastic about consumption. After May this year, as the temperature rose, the consumption market has also become more active. I was deeply impressed by the dynamic night economy in different areas of Liaoning.”

As a professional convenience store chain, Lawson has more than 20,000 stores in Japan, China, Indonesia, the United States, Thailand, the Philippines, and other countries. In 1996, Lawson Settled in Shanghai as a convenience store chain invested by foreigners, and then “blossomed everywhere” in China. In 2019, Lawson began to open chains in Shenyang, and now there are over 200 stores in Shenyang.

In recent years, many foreign companies like Lawson have chosen to invest and develop in Liaoning, which is inseparable from Liaoning’s continuous efforts to create a friendly business environment. “Liaoning is a good place to invest and start a business. It has a good business environment, great partners, and development opportunities.” Takashi Tokita said, “All the cities in Liaoning have strong consumption power and market potential. The demand for a healthy and high-quality lifestyle in Liaoning also brings great commercial opportunities to Lawson.”

In addition to a good business environment and local policies, the long-standing regional culture and local delicacies help Takashi Tokita realize that Liaoning is a comfortable and livable place in a more intuitive way. “I have lived in both Dalian and Shenyang in Liaoning, and tried local delicacies in various cities due to work reasons. Apart from authentic Northeastern cuisine, Dalian seafood, Jinzhou barbecue, and Haicheng pie have also left a lasting impression on me.”

The instant food at Lawson convenience stores is popular among young people, which prompts Takashi Tokita to keep thinking about how to make a better combination between their self-produced goods and local delicacies in Liaoning. “Lawson has launched many collaboration products. For example, we have cooperated with Shenyang’s old brand Bulaolin to launch a series of desserts such as snow skin moon cakes. Besides, some specialties in Liaoning are also used as raw materials in our self-produced goods. For these products with local features, we intend to continue expanding the market.” Takashi Tokita said.

“We hope that in Liaoning, Lawson can become a ‘warm harbor in the city’.” Takashi Tokita said, “In the future, Lawson will not only settle in Shenyang but also thrive in Shenyang Metropolitan Area.”

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