A Street Workout Enthusiast Breaks World Record at 21
九月 06,2023

Li Zechuan, a street workout enthusiast from Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, breaks the world record at the age of 21 with the outstanding performance of finishing 24 one-arm pull-ups in one minute.

“Every day, I spend about 5 hours practicing, taking a rest once a week.” Li said, “The most important thing during my seven years of practice is my belief. I believe I can be the best in this field.”

Li is 21 years old. On February 2, 2023, he broke the world record of men’s one-minute one-arm pull-up. In July, he broke the Chinese record of bench press in the Chinese youth division. And on August 20, he became the champion of the Northeastern Right-Arm Wrestling Tournament for 70kg players.

“Now, I try to break two new records of one-arm pull-up: one is three-minute one-arm pull-up, the other is one-minute one-arm pull-up with a 20-pound load. I can break the latter one with ease, but I want a higher record. I want to keep this record longer. I plan to break these two records before the end of this year.” Li said.

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