【Talk Liaoning】Erich Kaiserseder: Bring the Beautiful Liaoning to the World
九月 20,2023

The autumn sky is clear and the air is crisp and cool with enchanting views. The noonday sunshine fell across the 88th-floor restaurant of Conrad Shenyang, where tourists from Algeria were lunching. In a corner of the restaurant, Erich Kaiserseder, general manager, was working with a chef on the dishes to be launched.

Kaiserseder is an Austrian who has worked in the hotel industry for 30 years and traveled to China, the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, and other countries. Five years ago, he chose to start a business in Liaoning Province, so Shenyang became his new home. As he gained a deeper understanding of Shenyang as a famous historical and cultural city in northern China, he fell deeply in love with the city. His wife and daughter also live in Shenyang. Their favorite dish is Guobaorou, their favorite sport is cycling along the Hunhe River, and their favorite places are Shenyang Imperial Palace, Zhongjie, and the Industrial Museum of China. He said, “Shenyang is my home.”

“It is necessary to understand and respect the local culture if we want to perfectly integrate the food culture around the world into the local food culture,” he said. Conrad Shenyang will continue to launch dishes featuring local food culture. It not only serves the famous delicacies in Liaoning including Shenyang chicken ribs and Haicheng pie, but also “innovates” some dishes like Guobaorou cooked with Italian balsamic vinegar and the dessert that combines Greek cheese and Dandong strawberries. With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, Kaiserseder led his team to develop new mooncakes with a combination of Chinese and Western flavors. The mysterious “Pandora’s Box” containing these mooncakes at the entrance of the restaurant will be opened one after another on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

During the five years of living and working in Shenyang, Kaiserseder made many local friends and was deeply impressed with the warm hospitality, integrity, and friendliness of the local people. His service philosophy is the same as their enthusiasm and sincerity. Walking into Conrad Shenyang, we can notice that the travel brochures of Liaoning are prominently displayed at the reception desk, the tourism videos in Liaoning are constantly played on a big screen in the lobby, and the masterpieces by Liaoning artists hang on the restaurant wall...He keeps trying to integrate the hotel management philosophy into the local culture and spares no effort to promote the culture and tourism in Liaoning.

Standing at the restaurant window on the 88th floor and overlooking a panoramic view of Shenyang, he talked about his wish, “I would like to introduce abundant tourism resources and unique local conditions and customs in Liaoning to global tourists.” Erich Kaiserseder, who takes Shenyang as his home, has been conveying the beauty, innovation, and change of Liaoning to the world in his way.

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