Mexican Professor: The Jade Culture of Liaoning Impressed Me
十月 31,2023

In the Ancient Liaoning Exhibition Hall at the Liaoning Provincial Museum, Professor Alejandro Alfredo Gonzalez Villarrue from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México is fully engrossed in admiring a jade pig-dragon unearthed from the Niuheliang site. He meticulously captures the intricate details of this jade artifact with his smartphone, pausing for an extended moment. Professor Alejandro Alfredo Gonzalez Villarrue is a historian and one of the curators of the “Ancient Mexican Civilizations Exhibition”. Fueled by his passion for jade culture, he conducts research on jade artifacts within the Hongshan culture during his time in Liaoning. From his perspective, Liaoning is a mystical land with a rich historical and cultural heritage that draws him to explore.

Professor Alejandro Alfredo Gonzalez Villarrue explains that both China and Mexico have a long history of jade culture. In the histories of both countries, jade artifacts have been considered the most precious and symbolically significant ceremonial objects. Prior to his visit to Liaoning, he had limited knowledge of the Hongshan culture. However, after admiring various jade artifacts unearthed from the Niuheliang site at the Liaoning Provincial Museum, he begins his quest to study Chinese Hongshan culture. The jade artifacts from the Hongshan culture are characterized by their unique designs, exquisite craftsmanship, diverse themes, and rich decorations. Each piece of jade, like jade figurine, jade bird, and jade pig-dragon, is mysterious and captivating, reflecting distinct regional cultural characteristics. The ancient cultures of Mexico, such as the Olmec, Maya, and Aztec civilizations, also revered jade culture. The ongoing “Ancient Mexican Civilizations Exhibition” at the Liaoning Provincial Museum features numerous ancient Mexican jade artifacts, including jade figurines and jade masks. He enjoys comparing and studying the jade cultures of both countries, thus sorting out the developmental history of jade artifacts in these two great ancient civilizations.

During his time in Liaoning, Professor Alejandro Alfredo Gonzalez Villarrue eagerly visits the Liaoning Provincial Museum, Shenyang Imperial Palace, and Shenyang Museum. Through the ancient relics preserved in these museums, he feels the unique charm of Liaoning’s historical and cultural heritage. Numerous visitors to these museums leave a deep impression on him, and he sincerely marvels at how much Liaoning’s people cherish their local history and culture. The warm hospitality of its people also leaves a lasting impression on the professor, as some young individuals frequently greet him in English, making him feel very welcome. Professor Alejandro Alfredo Gonzalez Villarrue expresses his delight at having the opportunity to visit Liaoning and his anticipation of frequent visits to explore and study the history and culture of Liaoning.

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