【Talk Liaoning】Lee Eunsuk: Liaoning is a place full of opportunities
十一月 08,2023

Liaoning shares close ties with South Korea in geological location, people-to-people exchanges, and cultural communication. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between South Korea and China 31 years ago, the cooperation between Liaoning and South Korea has achieved major results in industrial, economic and trading sectors, and people-to-people exchanges. Liaoning’s advantage in location, industry, and resources, together with promising business environment, have injected South Korean businesses with much momentum for their development in Liaoning.

CJ Group, founded in 1953, is South Korea’s largest food enterprise and among the Fortune Global 500. It made investment in establishing one biotech company, one feed company, three CGV cinemas, and one logistic park in Shenyang. CJ (Shenyang) Biotech Co, Ltd. settled in Shenyang in 2011, with a total coverage of about 67 hectares. The company’s major products include nucleotide for food additives and a series of amino acids for feed additives.

Lee Eunsuk, the current president (chairman) of CJ (Shenyang) Biotech Co, Ltd. , has a deep connection with Liaoning. Back in 2000, when he was in university, he chose China as the first stop on his overseas trip. Entering the country from Shenyang, Liaoning, he was deeply attracted to this ancient country the first time he set foot on it.

After joining CJ Group, Lee was sent to China in 2009, starting his long-term overseas life. He has spent most of his time in Shenyang over the past several years, excluding the three years in Malaysia. In Shenyang, he started his own business, and has also witnessed the major changes in his “second hometown” in recent years. “High-quality road upgrading, more and more towering large buildings, the hustle and bustle in streets and alleys... Shenyang's rapid development is amazing!” Lee said.

As the head of an enterprise, Lee sees Liaoning as a place full of opportunities. “Liaoning’s advantage in location, abundant raw materials, and stable supply of water and electricity are very favorable to the overseas development of enterprises.” Lee said, “In times of difficulties and trouble, the government's efficient assistance will always help our enterprises find a way out, which also boosts our confidence in investment.”

CJ Group has successfully settled in Liaoning for 12 years thanks to the diligence and dedication of local employees. In Lee’s opinion, the firmness in goals, simplicity, diligence, and willingness to learn something new are the brightest characters of the Liaoning people.

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