Xue Tao: Telling Chinese Stories Through Children’s Literature

The Flying Turtle Award 2023 was announced recently, and Liaoning writer Xue Tao won the award with his Persian version of the children’s work Xiao Cheng Chi (Little City).

Xiao Cheng Chi tells a story about growing up with the main character, a northern girl named Sha Lou (Hourglass). In a poetic way, the writer tells about her life experiences, her friendship with classmates, her insights in family relationships, and her courage in the face of difficulties. The story takes place in Northeast China, reflecting the region’s rich culture.

The Flying Turtle Award is a prestigious award in the Iranian children’s literature publishing industry, which is selected by the Iranian Children’s Literature Research Organization and aims to recommend high-quality books for children. The Persian version of Xiao Cheng Chi is translated and published by China National Publications Import and Export Group Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Iran’s Vida Publishing House, and the Chinese version has been published by Liaoning Children’s Publishing House and Chenguang Publishing House. The translation and publication of Xiao Cheng Chi and the award is a new achievement of the cooperation between China and Iran in the field of children’s literature publishing.

When talking about how he felt winning the award, Xue Tao said he has been telling Chinese stories through children’s literature. “The novels I have written all draw their inspiration from the regional culture of Northeast China and carry traditional Chinese culture. It is a form of cultural exchange for my works to be loved by Iranian young readers and to win the award.” Xue Tao said.     

Engaged in children’s literature for a long time, Xue Tao’s novels have been translated into more than 10 languages, including English, French, Korean, Arabic and Persian. His children’s literature works He Dui An (The Other Side of the River) and Xiao Cheng Chi have been published in Iran and have been loved by Iranian children readers. He was also invited to the Tehran International Book Fair where he introduced to Iranian readers the experience of creating these novels as well as Chinese culture.   

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