Yu Miaojie, President of Liaoning University, Honored as “IEA Fellow”

The International Economic Association (IEA), initiated by the Social Sciences Division of UNESCO, recently announced the recipients of the 2023 IEA Fellow Award. Professor Yu Miaojie, President of Liaoning University, has been awarded the title of “IEA Fellow”, becoming the fourth Chinese economist to receive this prestigious honor from the International Economic Association. Among the 12 globally selected “IEA Fellows” for 2023, Professor Yu Miaojie is the only economist from China.

Established in 1950 under the initiative of the Social Sciences Division of UNESCO, the International Economic Association aims to foster exchange and collaboration among global economists, and facilitate discussions on theoretical and practical issues in the field of economics by organizing academic conferences, conducting research projects, and publishing scholarly achievements. Several Nobel laureates in economics have served as presidents of the association.

The appointment of Professor Yu Miaojie as an “IEA Fellow” is a testament to the high acclaim that the international economic community holds for the field of economics in China. It also marks a significant milestone in the “Double First-Class” construction of Liaoning University. This honor elevates the international influence of Chinese economics, and Professor Yu Miaojie will serve as a representative of Chinese economists in promoting China’s academic voice to the world.

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