Liaoning Ballet Troupe Debuts in Vladivostok, Russia

On the evening of February 20th, the Liaoning Ballet Troupe of China made their debut performance at the Mariinsky Theater in Vladivostok, the capital of Russia’s Primorye Territory. The performance was warmly welcomed by the local audience.

The Liaoning Ballet Troupe captivated audience with their original ballet dance poem “Sundial”. The performance featured the sundial as a symbol of time’s passage and the fleeting nature of life. By simulating the sun’s movements, the dancers vividly depicted the struggles and resilience of individuals as they navigated through life’s journey.

The 90-minute performance was met with thunderous applause, with the audience traveling from various parts of Russia specifically to witness Liaoning Ballet Troupe’s spellbinding performance.

The head of Liaoning Ballet Troupe, Qu Zijiao, mentioned that the troupe has visited Russia several times as cultural ambassadors and has been well-received by the local audience. The troupe will present two new productions on this trip: the original ballet dance poem “Sundial” and the classic ballet “Notre-Dame de Paris”.

In response to an invitation from the Mariinsky Theatre in Vladivostok, the Liaoning Ballet Troupe will be presenting a series of five performances. As of now, it has been confirmed that tickets for the five performances have been completely sold out.

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