Liaoning's Delicacies Make Nepalese Lad Reluctant to Leave

“Don’t come to Liaoning, or you never want to leave”, what could possibly make the Nepalese lad Niroula Rajesh express such sentiment?

Well, it turns out that what keep Rajesh so enchanted are staple dishes for Shenyang locals - Chenmian and Jijia.

Unlike Lanzhou Lamian, Chenmian is made delicious with chicken broth. With a variety of noodle types, it boasts a translucent white color and a chewy yet smooth texture. Chenmian comes in various thicknesses such as fine, extra fine, dragon beard-like, triangular, quadrangular, Chinese chive leaf-like, medium, wide, and belt-like. Paired with delicious chicken broth and refreshing pickled vegetables, the noodles are aromatic, the soup is rich, and the flavor is exquisite, which are truly unparalleled. Customizable with vinegar, soy sauce, and chili oil according to personal taste, Jijia offers a tender and fragrant experience with endless aftertastes.

As a seasoned enthusiast of Liaoning cuisine, Rajesh has always been dedicated to exploring barbecue delicacies across the province. However, he was unexpectedly captivated by a bowl of ordinary Chenmian this time, finding himself unable to resist. The aromatic chicken broth noodles paired with Jijia kept Rajesh indulged and unable to stop, to the extent that he even made a wish list: one type of noodles every day for seven days, without repeating.

A simple yet extraordinary bowl of noodles has allowed Rajesh to experience the happiness of Liaoning locals - such simple warmth and such fervent satisfaction. 

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