Jad Raad: Liaoning’s Optimized Business Environment Improves Confidence of Foreign Enterprises

In recent years, Liaoning Province, in revitalization and development, has garnered global attention for its unique charm and boundless vitality. In 2017, Jad Raad from Lebanon settled in his “ideal city”, Shenyang. As an urban planner, he remarked, “The city’s scenery is as enchanting as a dream.”

Jad has traveled to many countries, including France, Norway, South Korea, and various cities in China, but he finds many similarities between the local conditions and customs of Shenyang and those of Lebanon. The hospitable people of Shenyang make him feel particularly comfortable and warm. “In Shenyang, I feel the warmth of my hometown, and this city gives me the stable life I desire.” Jad stated.

As a professional urban planner, Jad has witnessed the rapid development of Shenyang in recent years. “Over the past 7 years, I have witnessed the city’s dramatic changes. The urban planning and development in Shenyang are highly forward-thinking, at least 20 years ahead. This not only helps to save costs but also greatly improves the quality of life for residents.” Jad said.

After arriving in Shenyang, Jad initially taught at Shenyang Jianzhu University, where his profound knowledge and unique insights earned him wide praise from both the students and teachers. Later, leveraging his keen business acumen and deep professional background, he established Liaoning Jad Construction Co., Ltd. Over the years of managing the company, he has also witnessed firsthand the impact of the optimized business environment on the rapid development, known as the “Shenyang speed”.

“Liaoning offers a high-quality business environment, practical policy support, and extensive market opportunities for foreign enterprises. When conducting business in Liaoning, one of the key factors that attracts Jad is the comfort provided by the top-notch business environment. For instance, the convenient services available in the China (Liaoning) Free Trade Zone allow foreign businessmen to be relieved from complex procedural matters, thus giving them more time to focus on cooperation discussions and expanding channels. Furthermore, Shenyang has implemented cashback policies, under which foreign enterprises can receive an incentive fund once their annual trade volume reaches a certain threshold. This offers strong incentives for foreign enterprises to develop in Liaoning.”

“More and more foreign companies and individuals come to Liaoning due to the continuous optimization of the business environment and the enhanced level of investment facilitation. This has boosted the confidence of foreign-funded enterprises investing in Liaoning.” Jad said, “I am realizing my ideals and values here. I love Liaoning, especially Shenyang. I am eager to share the development and changes I have witnessed in Liaoning with others. There is still much work to be done in this regard.”

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