European Choreographer Praises Liaoning Ballet’s “World-Class Performance”

On May 8, the neoclassical ballet Notre Dame de Paris was performed at the Liaoning Grand Theater. This ballet was created by the Liaoning Ballet in collaboration with artists from several countries and is an adaptation of the French literary classic Notre Dame de Paris. The choreographer, Patrick de Bana, is a renowned dance artist who blends classical ballet with elements of modern dance, presenting a classic story in a creative way.

Patrick de Bana highly praised the Liaoning Ballet for its world-class performance, noting that the performers have excellent presence, superb acting skills, and outstanding abilities. He appreciates how Chinese aesthetics emphasize the beauty of freehand brushwork, with many elements left open to interpretation in Chinese stage productions. Therefore, this technique was also applied in Notre Dame de Paris. Patrick de Bana remarked, “My choreography is also left open to interpretation, allowing the audience to experience the plot and emotions I want to convey through their appreciation of the ballet.”

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